Open Sesame. But please… keep your Safe Six.

As businesses everywhere prepare for their workforce to return to the workplace, keeping employees and customers safe is more important than ever.

Unfortunately, reopening isn’t as simple as switching on the lights and welcoming your employees back with open arms. (Please, don’t do that! Hugging is still a no-no!) As an employer, you’ll be tasked with thinking ahead as to what the return to work protocols will look like. And for many of you, that will require a whole new norm in how, when and where your employees work.

If you’ve done your job and drummed it into your employees’ head that they need to maintain social distancing and practice Safe Six in the workspace, having them sit in their usual cubicles -  or take their spot at the hair cutting station right next to someone else - might feel a bit creepy to them.

So, what can you do to help them feel more at ease? 

For starters, show them that you’ve taken the necessary steps to keep their workspace safe. In addition to some possible rearranging of desks and an ample supply of sanitizing wipes, displaying Safe Six signage - like window decals and counter signs - throughout your business shows employees and customers that you are doing your part.  

If you own a business where customers may need to wait for services, consider placing “wait here” spots on the floor to show people where to stand while doing so. It may help eliminate any tensions that could arise if someone gets “too close for comfort.”

And of course, encourage people to wear masks when appropriate. Keep in mind: they may be a bit challenging to wear one for extended periods of time, so be flexible and allow for some time for your employees to take a fresh air break when needed.

These are uncertain times, but also a great time for businesses to continue to advocate for the health of their employees and customers. Showing them where you stand on social distancing is a great way to start, and a good way to make them feel empowered about exerting themselves with regards to it, too.

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