Is the Pandemic All Bad? It Depends on How you Look at It


Let’s face it, there are a lot of things that are challenging and unsettling about this whole pandemic, but if we’re being totally honest, there are a few bright spots that have come out of staying home and social distancing - even if they are hard to see at times.

For starters, let’s talk about all of those obligatory events. Work functions. Sporting practices for kids. And what about your second cousin’s baby shower? Well, in the name of social distancing, it’s cancelled. Yes, you should probably still get a gift (some Safe Six apparel could be fun!) but at least you won’t have to play the “guess how many toilet paper squares it will take to wrap around the mom-to-be’s belly” game. As you know, there’s a shortage on TP these days, and unfortunately (insert happy dance here), there’s just no way to play those games while maintaining your Safe Six distance.

And what about daily tasks like going to the drug store or grocery store? For those of us who never really liked to grocery shop, this pandemic is the next best thing to sliced bread. Ok, cheesy choice of words, but you get the point. Grocery (and restaurant) delivery services have truly been a gift during these times of social distancing. That said, if you fall into the group that still likes to peruse their own produce (wearing a Safe Six mask, of course!) people are definitely more conscious of trying to steer clear of others these days, so getting down the aisles and out of the store is a lot easier should you choose to go.

Finally, the big one: family time. In “normal” times, families tend to see each other in passing. Children are running off to school, parents are staying late at work. Kids have practices, games and recitals. And family dinners? Forget it. Until now. Like it or not, this pandemic has created some “forced” family time, and if you ask around, a lot of folks will tell you that it’s been a good thing.  Yes, it can get a bit hairy being with your entire family DAY IN and DAY OUT, but the truth is, many of us will never get extended time like this with our kids again, and we’re embracing it.

So, you tell us… is this whole pandemic bad? Maybe we’re among the few to admit it, but we think there is a lot of good to come from it.