Is It Time for a Pandemic Pep Rally?

It’s halftime. Well, sort of. We’ve been on “Team Pandemic” for nearly half a year, and most (if not all) of us are probably ready to throw in the towel. And let’s face it: our game isn’t as tight as it was back in March.

Back then, we were new to the team and eager to do everything right to prove to ourselves and the country that “we got this!” We were all-in.

Now, however, we’re tired. Tired of the rules of the game constantly changing. Tired of trying to play by them when others don’t. Tired of thinking we’re about to pull off a win only to have Team COVID hit us with a spike and take the lead. (And don’t even get us started about how tired we are of our kids… our spouses… and those Zoom calls!)

Yes, it’s been a tough season. But as every team knows, when the going gets tough, you don’t back down, you dig in and give it your all. And in this case, that means playing your position (6-feet away from everyone), strapping on your (Safe Six) gear, and going the distance. However long that may be.

So, think of this as your Pandemic Pep rally. Your call to arms (or rather masks) to keep up your spirits and your commitment to social distancing. So wave your flags. Unroll your Safe Six banners. Display your signs. And show your Safe Six spirit. We can do this, people!