Grad Parties. Are they a "Go" or a "No" these days?

Planning a grad party “back in the day” (aka pre-pandemic) was stressful enough. Decisions like who to invite, how many tables, 2-liters or cans, and of course, what to serve, now seem inconsequential to the bigger questions of how to host a fun party while still staying within government guidelines and maintaining social distancing.

Don’t worry, with a few tips from us, you can make your party fun – and  (virtually) worry-free, too!

For starters, consider having a Safe Six themed gathering. It’s a great way to show your guests that you are taking things seriously – and helping to keep them safe in the process.

Safe Six Yard Signs are easy to display on your yard or throughout your venue, and are a great reminder for people to maintain their Safe Six. (And let’s be honest, if people have had a drink or two, that’s something they could easily forget!)

Safe Six Masks are another easy way to keep the theme going while keeping the potential for virus spread to a minimum. While some guests will come with their own masks, inevitably, others will forget or not think it’s “cool” to wear one. Handing them out at the door as part of the “party attire” helps alleviate any awkward feelings.

Not requiring masks? Not a problem. How about a strategically placed basket full of “I Do Safe Six” buttons? They are easy to pop on, and another way to remind guests to socially distance. Individual bottles of hand sanitizer wrapped in Safe Six Stickers are also easy hand-outs.

Of course, in addition to the theme, there are some things to keep in mind to ensure that your party is a safe one. When it comes to seating, consider limiting tables to 4 guests rather than ten, and opt for food that is individually wrapped in order to keep contact to a minimum.

Take every opportunity to show your guests that you’re taking things seriously – and taking the necessary steps to keep them safe.  And remember, no matter how you choose to honor your graduate, one thing is certain: this graduation year will be one they never forget.

Stay safe, and remember to practice Safe Six!