5 Safe Six-Approved Greetings

In the brave new world of 6’ distancing, we say goodbye to our familiar forms of greeting. Handshakes, fist bumps and those fancy multi-step handshakes you basketball players use are all out. Shoot, even the relatively innocuous elbow bump is out.

At Safe Six, we’d like to offer the following safe alternatives for different situations. Spend some time in front of the mirror before moving on to practicing with a loved one in the safety of your home. In no time at all, you’re going to be a pro and ready to do it in the real world!

1.The Hand Wave.   Perfect when greeting an acquaintance or someone you generally like. It’s a little too casual for your Mom. Proper form is to keep your fingers together. Certainly do not make a fist. 

2.The Nod.   This is good for close business associates and friends. This is even good for people you may not like that much. It’s best to nod with a straight face or slight smile. Nodding with a big smile just makes you look foolish. 

3.The Salute.   This one requires real real practice. We don’t recommend saluting your mother, but it is a good one for neighbors as it's easily recognizable from a distance. Keep it casual. Unless you’re in the military, this isn’t the time for snappy salutes.

4.The Prayer Bow.   We particularly like this one. It’s formal and good for meeting someone for the first time. Put your hands and fingers together (don’t lace your fingers) and keep a pleasant look on your face as you do a 10 degree bow from the waist up.  

5.The Air Hug.  Only use this with close friends and family. You know, those you could and should hug pre-Covid 19, but post the “Me Too” movement. Co-workers are off limits. Proper form includes continuing the hug motion until your hands have overlapped. If you leave your hands apart, you could be mistaken for asking for a real hug! 

And of course, your Safe Six apparel and accessories can help remind those you're greeting, why you're being less touchy!